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  Thanks to everybody that sent along information on the instrument
cluster for my 1990 V8. I've put two or three listers in touch with my
mechanic and he also has one lined up in Michigan. It seems that good used
ones are available for $400.
  Does anybody know what the ECU in this thing controls besides the
instruments, the clock and the domelights? I bought this thing two months
ago for 12K and have already sunk 2K into it. My budget is cringing at
another $4-500 and I'm thinking maybe I could live without a clock and
domelight. However, since the other courtesy lights in the trunk and hood
are out and the external and climate control temps are off, maybe it makes
sense to do this now if it all goes through the ECU. The engine and tranny
are poetry and the car's exterior and interior are very nice.
  Also, one lister told me the ECU goes out around every 50K in the V8.
Others have advised every 100K. If this is true, is there any way around
this? Like would it me less of a nuisance to just get the dealer rebuilt
one with warranty for over twice the price?
  Finally, on a good note, the new A6 Quattro made the Car of the Year
finals in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Also, Audis are outselling MB's,
BMW, Lexus and Infiniti here according to the same paper.