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Vehicle Info / Fluids / Suspension Noises

Three question for qlisters...

1) How do I find out about the exact build date on my 87 4kcsq?  I assumed
that there would be a sticker on the inside of the driver's side door, but
there is not one.  I have the vin:  WAUFB085XHA026103

2) I am thinking about changing the fluids in the diffs and the tranny
because I don't know when they were last done (just got the car a little
while ago).  I am about ten thumbs, have limited tools right now, and have
no where to work on the car, so, how do qlisters suggest I get this done?
I don't want to try and talk Jiffy-lube people into doing it :)...
So, can any Chicago area listers recommend a mechanic?  Or, should I just
wait until I go home for the holidays and ask my daddy-o for help and
borrowage of his tools?

I want to go to synthetic if at all possible... suggestions on fluids?  I
hear from the archives Redline MT-90 (?) and NOT Mobil 1.

3) Now that I've driven the car a little more, I am getting a little
worried about some of the noises she makes when she takes a hard bump.
Sounds like something is 'clunking' a little up front.  It doesn't sound
very healthy.  What should I check out (or have a mechnic check out)?  I
have been told about subframe bushings and shock mounts, but is this
something a good mechanic can take care of?  Again, Chicago-area listers,
any recommendations?


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