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Diff lock problem?

I have an '89 90q with a problem.  About two weeks ago while driving up a
straight hill on the freeway in San Diego at 65mph, the anti-lock off light
appeared on the dash.  I looked down and the diff lock lights were both on
(the yellow one in the switch and the green one in the little picture).
They all went off as I got close to the top of the hill and the car always
seemed to run fine.  The same thing happened in the same place about two
days later, but has never happened anywhere else.  The problem is, I have
tried to engage the diff lock to test it since it has not been used in 9+
months of Southern Calif driving and am leaving for a ski trip shortly.
When I push the button, the yellow switch light comes on, but not the green
diff lock light or the anti-lock off light.  Does this problem sound
familiar?  I am assuming the Quattro system still works fine and I should
be able to get around fine in the snow without the diff lock, is this a
good assumption?

Please provide any ideas you may have.


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