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98 A4 30v sport q vs my 97 A4 1.8T 'sport' q Hoppen ECM

While I was waiting on the paperwork on the head, one of the salesguys
at the shop came to gawk a little.
He said last week he wanted to try the Hoppen ECM'ed quattro out, and
since I was going to be sorting documents for a while I told him to take
it for a drive.

When he got back, he ran back to give me the keys.
"Man, that thing runs! A turbo that WORKS! Whats it boosted to?..."
I think he tried to get to 60 in 2nd gear. The revlimiter cuts in at
59mph. He did notice the different gearing.

So I asked if he thought it was faster than a 30v.
"Yup. The gearing make a difference."
So does the boost!

He ran over and got the keys to a manual 30v quattro sport and turned me
I could get into the interior and the lack of sportseats and the shift
knob as big as a baseball and the manditory cluch engagement before
starting the car... but I wont.

In comparison to my boosted turbo, it felt slower. Its probably as fast,
but the sensation of the turbo kicking in makes a world of difference.

I love the growl of the 30v. Very nice.

With my faux sport package and 225/45/17s, my turbo felt as good as the
sport package. Turn in, braking... It just sets a little too high.

Oh, the dealer said he'd be taking orders on the S4 in April.