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Re: Squealin'


Well, I've done several posts about squealing and whistling to this
list and haven't managed to find info or someone who matches my
problem. My 200T (2226 I5 turbo) used to have a huge whistle
when moving off in the mornings from cold start, I attributed this
to the fat slash in my Y-tube on the idle stabiliser. The whistle
has gone now, but when I'm moving (usually around 60kph) there is
a squeal from somewhere on the car. It sounds like it is coming
from the front right side of the engine (turbo side) on my RHD car.
When I slow down to a stop the whistling goes away. The whistle isn't
constant. Sometimes it vanishes. It tends to vary in pitch as well
and will jump sporadically between the levels of irritance. I can't
say from within the car where it is coming from exactly. I even
thought that it was body-whistle from a mis-aligned panel since it
happens at speed. I check, but no panel has moved out of synch  since
I had the car and the sound has only been going for the last 2 months

Any suggestions? Could this be the alternator (which tends to grind
a bit) or is it the turbo? I got some info from someone to check
the turbo, but I'd like more details to follow in order to pin this
thing down.

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