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Da buzzer agin

>The size of my openings is 7/8 of an inch. and I am looking for a valve
>that will be able to handle at least 20PSI and have relatively small
>physical size (as close as possible to the Bosch part).
>Any ideas, suggestions?....... 
>I do miss my dump valve, running without it, is much less fun....

>>I think I mentioned this problem two months ago...............
>>HKS, that's the ticket
>>Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

THEN, another post response:

>>>All that is happining ...
>>>Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

I respectfully asked a long time ago, on behalf of the list, that the "buzzer"
be permanently shut down from posts.  Given the above "I mentioned this
problem 2 months ago...", and the presentation of the PT failure cause in the
exactly WRONG contexts without a buzz, the zap to Mr. Clark for his
misunderstanding of ABS seems a bit oxymoronish.  Posts full of buzzers is
hardly the spirit this list needs during the holiday season, or any other for
that matter.

I ask again...  Kill it.

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq