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Re: Ultimate Quattro tire?

Doug Miller wrote:
> I saw a Quattro in a parking lot the other day that had a very aggressive
> set of studded snow tires on it. The brand was "H......  in a name that was
> over 12 letters long and had lots of K's and A's. I was so fascinated with

Nokia Hakkapeliitta. A snow tire does not get any better than that.
For the best price (in my experience) call Greg Galinski:

G&G Service
4073 Hubertus Road
Hubertus, WI 53033

They also have a page:

I have bought 3 sets from him and was very happy with the service.

Oh, one more thing. In a Quattro with Nokia snows you will be able to go
uphill on a ski jump (like in the *Quattro Experience*) or drag race
Land Bruisers and Pathlosers in 2 feet of snow from a standstill :)

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- Nokia Hakkapeliitta NRW H
'98 A4TQ -- is getting Nokia Hakka 1 as we speak
Philadelphia, PA