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re: XR4ti in AWD

I am way behind in my digest, so I hope this
responce isn't redundant, as there ar several
cross-overs on this list.  I do not own such a
car, but I was considering one for pro rally.
I found a groupe a sierra cosworth for less than
$20K USD, in Australia.  The conversion of a merkur
can be done, and currently IS being done in Washington
state.  I hope to have pictures soon.  You need at least
$10K is parts to do it with genuine cosworth parts (2.0l).
There does not appear to be a half way solution, due to
the need for the special engine corss member and oil
pan arrangement.  This allow the front driveshaft to 
pass under the block near the #1 cylinder.  this gives
much better center of gravity and lower moment of inertia
than the quattros.  The Cosworth 2.0 can easily give 350 hp 
with stock internals.  there are a whole range of transmissions,
differentials, brakes, and suspension to go with the car.
Unfortunately, demand in asia is strong, and the market it
england is pretty hot. This leads to cases of knock-off's
misrepresentation, and rip-off's.

I stongly suggest "Preparing the Sierra for Motorsports"
a Ford/Brooklands publication, available from rallysport(?).

I have found several west coast one main importers who
know which end is up.  Be prepared to being lots of money.

paul timmerman
(still running mazda in pro-rally)