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RE: tranny noise - more horror

You're into the $300+ territory just for pulling the thing and doing
"anything"...anything requiring mechanical competance is extra.
A new clutch kit is going to be $400-$600 (get a Sachs, as good as OEM or
better and cheaper than OE).  Pilot bearing..cheap money, and it should be
done while it's apart.  The main rear engine seal should prolly be replaced
while you've got the thing out...cheap money...and they're only good for
around 150-175K.  Basically, anything you can do now will save you $300
later....if the clutch is past mid-life..do it.

This is an un-pleasant road, as I have traveled it in the recent past.

Empathatically Yours,

     Paul Royal
     90-90QMolotov20v "Rolling Junkyard"