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Re: More 1990 200Q Questions

In a message dated 12/14/97 MHLIGGINS@aol.com writes:

<<Orin - the multi function light SHOULD blink when ABS is engaged, should
be accompanied by electronic beeps to let you know ABS was used.  Light goes
out after several seconds.  Having used my ABS several times, I know this is
true for '87 5KCSTQs.>>

Never seen that happen on either of the two 5ktq's I have owned (one since
near new). My guess is this was the result of slightly low brake fluid or
pentosin as both are monitored by "hal" and the sensors tend to be very
sensitive. When "ABS is engaged" higher than normal g forces are generated
resulting in these fluids sloshing which may trip the warning system. I have
seen this on my car when cornering hard with the various fluids slightly low
(yet look okay when standing still). The last thing you want in a panic stop
situation is that dang buzzer coming on with  flashing lights on the
dash--quite the distraction IMO and I can't imagine it was designed to do

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (no "ABS engaged" warning on "hal" display)