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Re: bomb rebuild - the thread that wouldn't die

> 3. Checked in Burden's Surplus Hydraulics catalog (1-800-488-3407), found
> the following:
> 	pressure accumulators, 10 cu in (11" long) and 29 cu in (16" long), 3000
> psi max, fill with schrader valves (!), $79.95 each, new.
> 	relief valves, adjustable from 1500 to 2500 psi, $12 to 20 each, depending
> on exact style. Also new.
> 	Lots of hose fittings, tees, etc. cheap.

> Anyone got too much time on their hands and want to pursue this further?????

> Could we build an easily rechargeable bomb retrofit kit for less than $150
> using these parts?

11" long seems a bit big, otherwise, I don't see why not.

Marlin P Jones & Assoc (www.mpja.com) have 2000 psi pressure guages
for $5, 1/4" npt brass nipple.  That would just about complete
the requirements!