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'82 urq: Uneven Brake Pad Wear (right to left)

Hi all fellow quattro nuts:

I have a 1982 urq that has rebuilt Girling 60 front calipers that had
metallic brake pads.  It has a strange front brake problem.  At the last
Quattro Club track event, I went through an entire set of front brake
pads... or so I thought.

While replacing the worn out pads the other day, I noticed that the left
front pads were worn to the wear indicators but the right front pads were
fine.  In fact, the right side front pads were about twice as thick as the
left front pads.

Has anyone on this list dealt with this before?

Some symptoms:

1) After installing new carbon-kevlar pads, I did quite a few (about 10+)
60 mph to zero stops in a straight line.  The car pulled to the left only
one time.

2) The device under the master cylinder, that has the brake lines going to
it, is weeping fluid very, very slightly.  What is this device for?
Proportioning valve?

3) I have bleed the brakes and replaced the brake fluid before each track
event this year.  Bleeding the right front has always been a hard job.  We
thought that it might be a clogged bleeder screw, but have replaced that.
Does this point to #2 above?

BTW, both pairs of rear brake pads look to be about the same thickness.

Thanks in advance for any advice.