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RE: Warming up the Engine

Like most QListers, I use my Audi(s) as daily transportation.
My route to the office takes me onto the Interstate (our American
Autobahn, if you will). In order to enter traffic on this road,
I _must_ be able to engage the engine in full-throttle acceleration.
As I live only 60 seconds from this interstate on-ramp, it is simply
not possible to start the engine cold and proceed on my journey
unless I want to get killed trying to merge into traffic. So while
the "just start it up and drive it carefully until it warms up" rule
may suit many drivers, it does not suit us all.

In the winter, I warm the engine up for 15 minutes; 5 during
warmer weather. The cost of the extra gasoline is simply irelevant.

BTW, I don't recall ever hearing this rule before 1973, so I tend
to think its genesis lies with the same people that came up with the
55 mph speed limit. As far as internal condensation is concerned
(as one lister mentioned), I think a good kamikaze run will take
care of that...  just my plugged nickle's worth.

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)
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