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Re: Girlfriends

> well, since my girlfriend has agreed to become my wife :-) and with us
> both in the throes of wedding planning, the question arises about
> wedding transport.

> the only probelm with the ur-quattro as the bridal car in that i have to
> leave my best man alone with it for the best part of a morning.  i'm not
> sure that is a good idea.  but i also can't really see the avant as the
> bridal car, unless i can get a labrador for the back....
> any ideas?

Yes!  For the low, low price of one round trip ticket from NY to
NZ, you can have an authentic American chauffeur for your quattro.
This highly skilled driver comes complete with a bucket of detailing
supplies, mini-toolbox for any emergencies, and comes in your choice
of black tie (tuxedo) or 3 piece suit.  (All-black cotton attire 
and huge muscles can be arrange with 3 years' notice.)


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