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Coating Performance Gains -btdt and... sites

>Given the difference of opinions on this list as to whether or not coating
helps performance [yea vote by those who >have it, nah by those who have not
tried it], might I suggest a call to the several coating companies for some
>Don't have the numbers handy, but look in any of your car mags.  Test results
[remember how we don't like seat-of->the-pants?] are quite impressive.  Better
yet, call the 800# of the pros and ask for their opinions.  Really, the
testing >results are so one-sided [positive] as to make it a non-issue imho.
Yo Bruce, I have btdt on a 944t years ago, before and after, measured 0hp gain
on a dyno, exclusive variable:  Ceramic Jet Hot Coating Exhaust Manifold

TEST RESULTS of Performance one sided?  I could use your source of
information.  May want to ck up on HPC, the largest coating place in the
world.  Try HP coatings for PERFORMANCE gains they claim:


OR, go to Airborn coatings (no relation) and ck out the HP gains they claim:


So, best case scenario, we are looking at what?  6-9 hp for a 300hp car?  For
500USD?  B4B?  $55-83/hp.  That's some money for what?  Lots of other ways to
get 9hp with better B4B.  Or specifically, lots of ways to spend 500USD
getting underhood temps down.

Any others I should consider?

Coating isn't a mod many consider a valid one at all, I don't, on btdt or
reading up on the newest/latest.  A full out race car sure.  The rest of us?
Well B4B, just one hard mod to justify really.  Bell addresses it on page 163
too, btw.


Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq