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200q 20V salvage

I recall that there have been some postings about prices asked for 3B
engines, but I haven't been able to find anything yet in the archives. Can
someone give me an idea of what kind of price a good 3B engine (complete
w/turbo, etc) could be expected to bring. Same question on the tranny. Both
from '91 200q (95 kmiles). Still no word from insurance company, but I need
to know how to evaluate the salvage situation.

The local Audi shop owner is interested in the engine/tranny as backup for
his own '91 200qw, or for insert into coupe. Since I'm not envisioning
getting involved in major implant work (time, space, ability), the only
parts I forsee any need for are struts/rotors for possible brake conversion
on the otherwise perfect '91 200q that _I know_ is lurking just around the
corner. :-)

And yeh, I _do_ know that once I have another '91 200q, I'll soon wish I
had kept all those spare parts.

Phil Rose
'91 200q memories
'89 100

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