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Cdn '86 Ur-Q

Well folks after a few false starts I now own an 1986 Audi Ur-Q.   I first
drove in this car back in May of 1996, then the owner moved out of province
(Nova Scoatia to Newfoundland) .  I then heard it had been in an accident and
that the owner had bought back the salvage and was going to restore the car,
which I thought was a good thing since only 6 cars arrived in North America in
1986 (1 in the US, 5 in Canada).   

Anyway, sometime in August while browsing I came acrossed a listing for an '86
Red Ur-Q, tee boned on the drivers side for sale in New Brunswick, sounded
like the same car, so I made a call, and sure enough it was the car, I chatted
with an Independant Appraiser who informed me the car was back in Nova Scotia,
and up to then they had virtually no interested parties in the car up to that
point, a few tire kickers etc.    So I took my lunch and went to see the car,
it had been hit hard on the drivers door, pushing the door into the seat, and
bending the seat frame, broke the quarter window, put a crease in the roof,
bent up the floor pan, and cracked the wind shield.  The rear bumper cover was
also no where to be seen, the passenger window will not go up, and there is a
crease on the passenger side quater panel.  The quarter panel on the drivers
side is in and the door post is bent bad.  THe car has approximately 150,000
km on it, and very rust free.

I decided to put in a bid, I kept very quiet about the car, as the more
kickers there are, the more the insurance company thinks they have a hot
property.  Then Jeff (AudiDuty) picked on the classifieds and posted it to
this list on October 31st, dam the cat was out of the bag, the Insurance
company got a bunch more enquiries, and a bid from someone in Hamilton,
Ontario (about $1000 more then mine), so I went and looked at the car again,
this time I took my brother (a master auto body man) he agreed that my bid was
all the car was worth and that anyone bidding that much more was going to be
in trouble, specially when you consider the car had to be shipped
approximately 2200 miles.  So I let it go.

Turns out the guy in Hamilton, couldn't  buy the car, don't know why?
something said about wife, money, bid to high, transportation, I don't know?
so I got a call today and am now the owner of a 1986 Red Audi Ur-Q,  not at my
original bid, I had to come up a little, but happy just the same.

Patience can be rewarded.

E. Clarke Paynter

1986 Ur-Q - bruised
1983 Ur-Q - no longer lonely
1984 Coupe GT
1997 Subaru GT
1985 Ford AmBULAnce called BULA (rally car tow vehicle)