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4kq battery relocation

Hi again,
    I have brought this up before and decided that I am going to move my
battery back to my trunk.  I have the Battery Box and Batter.  I am
going to use a racing type through firewall connector that is insulated
and has studs on both sides of the firewall for ringterminals.
    Only decision is Cable.  Should I use a single 1or2 gauge or 0/0
cable.  Or two 4 gauge cables running next to each other to keep the
bulge in the carpeting smaller.  I am not sure if both are just as good
or not.  I am told that 2 4 gauge cables is better than one 2 gauge.
Isn't it the same?  Seems that way to me.  Any suggestions would be
appreciated.  I am ordering cable tomorrow so a promt reply would be
appreciated.  Thanks
    Oh, and what about a Circuit Breaker for collison protection?

            Todd Phenneger
            84' 4kq