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Re: '82 urq: Uneven Brake Pad Wear (right to left)

 # In message <01bd0a71$4c3b9f80$LocalHost@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:
 # > >2) The device under the master cylinder, that has the brake lines going to
 # > >it, is weeping fluid very, very slightly.  What is this device for?
 # > >Proportioning valve?
 # > Yeah, also known as a bias valve. Mine was leaking when I bought the Urq,
 # > about a teaspoonsfull (5ml) when standing overnight in my garage. Replaced
 # > it ASAP, dead easy job, then bled the system with a pressure bleeder.
 # ?
 # It has no external mechanical input - where was it leaking from?
There's a shiny cap that covers the internal mechanicals ... the fluid 
leaks from inside this cap (IME) ... probably the seals on the mechanism 
that allows full rear braking force when there's a fault in the front 
brake circuit.  I've had to replace this part on the urQ once ... many 
moons ago ... and just did the same on the '85 4kQ ...

 # The evening before he'd been ridiculing the idea that a car might keep
 # up with a bike.  He kept repeating: "But the road's wet" like a mantra.
... common misconception ... bikes can be much quicker than cars ... but 
when you think about the fact that you've got only two tiny contact pat-
ches through which all of the drive/brake/lateral forces must be communi-
cated and the consequences of going a bit over the edge are a bit more 
drastic reason often wins out ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
5 Audis + 1 BMW k1