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RE: Warming up the Engine

<One other piece of info, more pertinent to turbo cars but reasonable for
<NA as well.  At idle, the oil pressure is lower than when driving.  I
<it mentioned (or read it somewhere) that idle oil pressure may not be
<adequate to supply all the ancillaries with all the oil they require.
<i.e. the turbo bearing surfaces may get some oil, but less than they
<and less than they'd get under power.

<Don't know if this is complete bunk, but is does seem logical.  Bentley
<doesn't provide great oil flow diagrams.

This is true when the engine is hot. When the engine is cold there is *plenty*
of oil pressure at idle. The oil pump has a relief valve to prevent blowed-up
seals and oil filters due to excessive pressure when starting a cold engine 
with high viscosity lubricant. If you have low oil pressure on startup of a cold
engine you gots big $$$ mechanical prollums.....