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3B price

During my search for a 3B, I encountered prices in the $4-6K range from Audi specialist shops.  No standard salvage yards I contacted ever found one.  A very low miles S4 engine recently sold for $3K in a kind of distress sale.  I eventually paid $2800, (100K miles) and someone else reportedly recently paid $2300.  These prices include all linkages, brackets, sensors, ECU, and engine wiring harness, which is non-trivial to remove...   No data on the trans, which I would guess to be a more normal $2-300 since it is not the rarity the 3B is.
Brandon Hull
'91 CQ and the 3B on a stand... 
someone give me an idea of what kind of price a good 3B engine (complete
w/turbo, etc) could be expected to bring.