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RE: Back from Tahoe-no chains required!

Did you notice if that UrQ had an "Audi Quattro" sticker across the
windshield?  If so, that's a local Incline Village car (there are two
UrQ's in town).  There's another White UrQ in Tahoe City (Ca) with
blacked out tail lights and 15x8" Ronals.

4kq's, 5ktq's, A4's, and 200's are a dime a dozen in Tahoe.  I know of 4
'91 200TQ's, at least 10 S4's and a few S6's including an Avant, all in
Incline Village alone.  One can only estimate how many more of those
cars are around the rest of the lake.

-mark nelson

<<Also had the pleasure of following an awesome
condition white URQ with white Ronals. And saw about
100 other A-4's, 200's, 4000's, coupes, etc. Nothin
like quatts in their element!>>