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Re: Girlfriends, wives, etc.

>     I pull this black velvet box out of my pocket, look deeply into her 
>     eyes and slip something over her ring finger, an engagement ring, No, 
>     a key ring, with a very large, shiny, black plastic and chrome key 
>     dangling elegantly.  What do ya think Audi fanatics, anyone BTDT? 

>     Patrick Kelly
>     '87 5kSQ

        Patrick - 

        Have you seen that new whiskey appearing in magazines right now that
points out - 

        "A '68 Mustang is also about two months salary."

        But on a real note - when I got engaged a four years ago, I did it
on the spur of the moment and had no ring in hand.  Later that day, my (now)
wife made it clear that any money spent on an engagement ring should be
spent on high-quality constume jewelery!  I went to Kenneth Lane on 5 Ave.
in NY - one of only a few really class costume jewelery outfits (they made a
lot of Jackie Kennedy's stuff she wore while first lady).  So for around
$500 I bought a beautiful ring that looks like about a $25,000 diamond.  She
works on Wall St. with people who really do wear $25,000 rings and no one
has ever figured that it's a fake.  She loves it, gets a million compliments
on it, isn't (deathly) afraid to loose it or hand it over if mugged, and we
drive an Audi V8 instead of the 1983 BMW 320i I had when we got married!  I
love this woman...

        So, yes, BTDT, but I'd negotiate the terms first...

        Bryan Kamerer