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RE: Girlfriends, wives, etc.

<Who thought up this engagement ring thing anyway, sounds 
     <like nothing more than a marketing ploy by DeBeers.  

Actually it *IS* a marketing ploy developed by DeBeers, there have
been business magazine articles on this - no sh_t!

I think the quattro approach could work. I can tell you that I popped
the question on the side of the Headwall extreme-skiing at Tuckerman
Ravine on Mt. Washington; clicked off one ski and got down on one knee;
she couldn't say 'NO!' 'cause I was in an excellent position to give her a 
shove and it's a loooooong way down!

      You might incorporate something like this into the 'procedure'......besides,
      you *will* have to buy her a q eventually anyhows.......