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re: wives, etc.

The soon-to-be single PATRICK_KELLY@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com dreamed the
> Subject: Re: Girlfriends, wives, etc.
>      Graydons' comment on the diamonds and jewels brings to mind some 
>      thoughts I had at the diamond store the other day.  Since we've been 
>      dating for ahh... 7.. or so..years I decided that I'll have to pop the 
>      question sometime soon or else she'll do it herself.  So I'm in the 
>      back room of this store and they start bringing out the stones.  As 
>      I'm holding these colorless little rocks with a set of tweezers and 
>      looking at them under a magnifying glass, the price tags begin to 
>      conjure up images of comperable priced things. Like say a used 200tq, 
>      or even a used S4, or even a down payment on a new S4, yah she would 
>      like that. Who thought up this engagement ring thing anyway, sounds 
>      like nothing more than a marketing ploy by DeBeers.  So I begin to 
>      imagin it, A quiet candlite dinner, or maybe a deserted moonlit beach, 
>      I pull this black velvet box out of my pocket, look deeply into her 
>      eyes and slip something over her ring finger, an engagement ring, No, 
>      a key ring, with a very large, shiny, black plastic and chrome key 
>      dangling elegantly.  What do ya think Audi fanatics, anyone BTDT? Did 
>      she say yes? did she start crying and run away? are you still 
>      toghether? Has her father ever spoken to you since? I gotta know.

One of the guys (Glenn Wakefield) on the offroad-l discussion group popped
the question to his long-suffering girlfriend Jennifer, after dragging her
up and down a number of tall, steep mountains. She seems pretty into
wheeling, generally, but Glenn was wise enough to provide the traditional
token of endearment. She said yes.

I've observed the fairer sex for many years, and while I don't
profess to understanding them any more now than I did when I was a
mere pup, IMCO, your approach will have one of two results. Either you'll
be set for life, or you'll be *single* for life. Just be sure to remove
all of the cutlery from her reach, or she may Bobbit you.

Oh, and btw, don't give her a weed wacker for her birthday, either. :)