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Re: 4kq Timing belt/clearance

>Supposedly, the 2.22l non-turbo engines can be hand-turned without the belt on.
>I find this odd, because the 2.22l turbo engines can't - they interfere even
>at 0 rpm.
>Whether or not this rumour is true, the engine _definitely interferes at
>high rpm - and guess when your belt is most likely to break?

This sounds a little strange.

On my old 200 Turbo 5 cyl you could turn the camshaft without the valves hits the piston
and on an normal 5E engine the valves will hit the pistons.

The 5E engine have a compression of about 10:1 +/- while the 5T have a compression of 7:1
which gives more room for the valves when the pistons are at top dead center.

Turbocharged engines have lower compression rates the an nonTC engine so that the maximum
compression pressure/temperature, spesialy the temperature, are about the same at full
load for both engines. This is to prevent knocking.


John Torset
Amiga 4000