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Re: long distance repair

Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:
> I've always been very satisfied with how quickly my 5KCST warms up. Even
> at freezing temperatures, the climate control system starts blowing warm
> air after couple of minutes. 
> Both cars have functioning thermostats. Seems like Audi's cooling system
> is much better designed. I wonder what makes various cars reach
> operating temperature sooner or later. Is it possible that turbo has
> much effect on heating the coolant?
Audi uses a very well designed thermostat. It has  2 valves, works like
this: Cold engine-water only circulated in engine block, during warm-up
1st valve opens allowing water to flow to heater core and auto trans
cooler(warmer in the winter!) finally opening to radiator when at
operating temp. The main valve has a rapid opening vs. temp rate when
temp is close to operating point, as opposed to a cheaper thermostat
that starts the opening process early. The main valve also has a rubber
seal on its lip to prevent any water flow to radiator when the
thermostat is closed.
BTDT on other aftermarket thermostats, nothing comes close to the OEM
84 5KT
87 5KCST