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RE: Eagle GA's

Something to remember about OE tires is that they are often built to
different specifications than the tire carrying the same designation
sold through the tire dealers. The OE often requires lower rolling
resistance, lower cost or other specifics that make the tire suit their
engineers requirements. The tire manufacture will make these changes
because they are selling a large number of tire to one buyer and it
looks good if your brand is the OE choice. I have found most of the OE
spec tires to be inferior to the available replacement model from a tire
dealer. All the OE spec tires that Porsche used in the past could be
ordered through the tire manufacture but they had to be designated as a
P0, P1, or P2 version of the tire and they were only available for a
short time after the tire was no longer OE equipment. Most good tire
shops can tell you what would be available and what differences there
are between the OE spec tire and the tire companies version.
A side note on the GS-C's:
A friend was spiffed a set of GS-C's from Goodyear for his performance
in an Indy Lights race, he got them for his 911 and never cared for
them. the car never handle as well as before although the last I talked
with him he was just then replacing them after 3 years of use after one
of the rears blew out. I have never driven enough on them to say they
are good or bad just base my opinion on feedback from others. It was
frustrating to hear him complain the handling of the car was not where
it had been since I had set up the suspension the previous year.  
Jim Dupree
1984 4ksq
1984 4ks

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>On Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:05:43 CDT, Al Powell wrote:
>>Re - Sean Ford's comments about Goodyear Eagle GA's........
>>I echo your disdain for them. [ ... ]
>>[ ... ] Their tires are overpriced and too many of them 
>>underperform.  [ ... ]
>Well, I'm honor bound to put in a good word for the GS-C,
>a truly outstanding ultra-high performance tire road or track,
>wet or dry. Is $160 +/- per tire pricey at this performance
>level? You can definitely spend more.
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