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RE: Erratic temperature gauge

An interesting indicator that my '88 5kcsqw is generating low voltage
after a cold start:
Alpine stereo head unit goes wild, with spastic displays and unique
skills like turning itself on and playing a CD...
This would indicate to me that the voltage at this point is below about
7V - beyond normal operating limits for the Alpine.

This might say something about my idle controller, but it holds at about
1000-1100 when cold.  Might this then say something about the state of
my alternator, with which I have experienced no other noticeable

-David Shreeve
Newtown, CT

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> writes:
> > > There are several reasons why the idle controller will
> deliberately raise idle 
> > > from 800 to 1100 or so.  Chief among them is low battery voltage -
> on some 
> > > cars, vehicle motion is another.
> > 
> > When the engine is running, the alternator should be supplying the 
> > electrical needs of the car, including the idle system. So why is it
> > that battery voltage would play a role?
> I didn't design the system - you'll have to ask Audi.  Perhaps Bosch
> told them 
> that 800 rpm (times the pulley diameter ratio) isn't enough for the
> alternator 
> to generate its full output?
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>  Phil Payne
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