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Re: Tire Monitoring System

In a message dated 12/17/97 "Rudy Consolacion" <rconsolacion@kumhotech.com>

<<I've come across a Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System here at 
work and was wondering what Q-listers thought about it.>>

Way cool IMO. Having totaled my first car as a direct result of tire failure
at 80mph I am very aware of tire condition and inflation on my cars ever

<<This technology is required with runflat tires because it is 
difficult to sense a tire going down since the sidewalls are very 

I recently read an article about Goodyear announcing that all their tires
would be "runflat" begining sometime next year. Not sure how true this article
was (I think it was in a newspaper drive section) but it sounds like a good
thing. The downside sounds like the weight of these tires will be higher than
conventional tires. Anyone else hear this announcement? If it is true, and the
use of these monitoring systems is indeed a requirement, then I would assume
that volume will bring the cost of these monitoring systems down to
earth...what with $99.00 GPS's available now and all...

Thanks for the info Rudy!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq