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: Re:Rear Disc Brake Pad Replacement

jad sez:
>Correct me if it different on your car, but just this weekend I replaced
>the pads all around on my 90q.  The front are quite easy and the back were
>a nightmare.  The good news is that once I figured out the system it wasn't
>that bad for the second wheel.  The only problem I had is that the
>^%(*^(*&^ piston would not retract back into the caliper.  After much agony
>I took the whole brake apart and dismantled it to see what the problem was.
> Turns out that on the rear caliper you need to screw the piston back into
>the caliper.

all of the rear calipers i have seen have a similar arrangement so that
the parking brake works even if the hydraulics fail.  otherwise, no
e-brakes!  usually you have to figure out which special tool must be
inserted into the piston center to allow you to turn it while forcing it
in (essentially screwing the piston into the bore in the caliper.)
if you don't have the correct tool, a pair of water pump pliers may be
used to grip the outer edge of the piston.  make sure not to gouge the
piston where it touches the bore.  also be sure not to rip the piston


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