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New Discount Parts Source [3]

Hi folks,
    Okay there appears to be some bugs with the arrangement. A lister
informed me today that the 800 number didn't work from Georgia. I was also
asked about shipping arrangements out of the U.S.

Tommorow morning, I'll speak with Bill Banks to see what is going on. Is
anybody else having trouble reaching Langan at 1-800 NEW AUDI? Previous to
this arrangement, this number was restricted to sales calls but it should
work from all 50 states. 

Here is the complete information that I have:

Langan Motor Car
224 Central Ave
Schenectady, NY 12304

Phone: 1-800 NEW AUDI
            (518) 372-6441
            (518) 374-9161
Contact: Bill Banks (Parts Manager) be sure to mention Q-list discount.
Discount: 20% off, Free UPS Ground.

Note: I did say that Langan is in Albany, it's really on the border between
Albany and Schenectady. The mailing address is Schenectady. I know we have
a  web-page at http://www.langanauto.com/langmotor.html

On that page is a e-mail form.. but I have no idea who is in charge of the
page or how long it would take for any information to reach Bill Banks. 

I'll keep the list informed. Expect another follow up tommorow night. 

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q TAP Chip