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Re: Gearbox woes

Dave Conner wrote:

> I'm not sure what to look for, but wouldn't the level change... either rise
> or drop?
> Or maybe there would be a change in the color or smell of the ATF?
> I have two cars with this diff/tranny combo and want to avoid trouble.

First is a drop in Trans fluid level, then persistent oil drips as final
drive overfills and blows oil out vent holes. Typically you do not get
gear oil in transmission. If your final drive spills out lots of lube
when the fill plug is removed itís probably leaking. 
Number one cause of failure with these transmissions.  Second being
never checking final drive fluid level, w/final drives grinding to a
halt. There is no drain on this puppy either.

84 5KT (3trannies-2 swapping fluids-1 dry final drive)
87 5KCST