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Re: Coating Performance Gains -btdt and... sites

>>> QSHIPQ <QSHIPQ@aol.com> 12/16/97 03:19PM >>>
>>>Yo Bruce, I have btdt on a 944t years ago, before and after, measured 0hp gain
on a dyno, exclusive variable:  Ceramic Jet Hot Coating Exhaust Manifold<<<

Did you measure the change in temps at the same time?  What did you find there?

>>>TEST RESULTS of Performance one sided?
So, best case scenario, we are looking at what?  6-9 hp for a 300hp car?  For
500USD?  B4B?  $55-83/hp.  That's some money for what?  Lots of other ways to
get 9hp with better B4B.  Or specifically, lots of ways to spend 500USD getting underhood temps down.<<<

Wow, man!  You paid $500 to get the coating?  No wonder you have a bone to pick with these companies.  I look at coatings as a little piece in the bigger jigsaw puzzle of getting what you can, where it will help, in playing with these cars.  SP8000's won't add many [any] horses to your Audi, but few would say they don't help performance.  Instead, it is a discussion of margin, ie., how much more do they help than say the D40M2's.  If you can live with the additional tread wear and cost, then you get the benefits.  If you can't you don't.  Performance coatings are no different.  

>>>Any others I should consider?<<<  In what, keeping underhood temps down?  Yeah, get more air into and out of the compartment.  Several ways to do this. 

>>>Coating isn't a mod many consider a valid one at all, I don't, on btdt or reading up on the newest/latest.  A full out race car sure.  The rest of us?<<<

Guess I will get mine sandblasted off then.