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Re: 4kq Timing belt/clearance

> 	Yea, and I dont' tend to shy away from using all my RPM's either.
> Exhaust sounds great up above 4k too. Above 5k for that matter.  Car is
> redlined at 6,500.  Why does my Rev-limiter cut in at 6,200 RPM?  Do you
> know?

It all has to do with the fuel pump relay.
If you want to play a good practical joke on someone stick a VW Fox 
fuel pump relay into their quattro and see them freak when the thing 
cuts out at 5500 rpm!
Some fuel pump relays cut above 6500 rpm and some below 6500 rpm.  
Guess it depends on your luck.
Mine goes to 6700 rpm.


Martin Pajak

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