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UrQ Tire/Wheel Combo SUMMARY

Thanks to everyone for their help in compiling a list of permissible wheel and 
tire combinations for the early style UrQ. Thanks especially to Ben Howell, 
Frank Smith, John Karasaki, Jeff Hemmerlin and Jeffrey Goggin. Please keep in 
mind that this is a working list. If anyone has any comments or questions 
please email me privately. I'll update the list periodically as new 
information arises. I hope I haven't misquoted anyone, if I have email me. 
Thanks. The following tire and wheel sizes are purported to work with 
non-flared rear fenders and a lowered suspension (Eibachs/H&R, etc) unless 


15x6 ET45 - 205/60-15 Stock size, it damn well better fit. 
15x6 ET45 - 215/60-15 Rubs (J. Hemmerlin)

15x7 ET45 - 205/60-15 Stock, optional

15x8 ET24 - 205/50-15 Fits for track use (J. Karasaki)
15x8 ET24 - 215/15-15 Fits with rolled fenders, rubs badly without rolled 
fenders (anyone)


16x7 ET30 - 205/50-16 Rubs under Heavy Loading/Heavy Cornering (HL/HC)(J. 
16x7 ET37 - 205/55-16 OK (B. Howell)
16x7 ET45 - 225/50-16 Rubs under HL/HC (F. Smith)
16x7 ET45 - 205/50-16 OK (B. Howell)

16x7.5 ET35 - 225/45-16 OK (F. Smith)
16x7.5 ET35 - 215/45-16 OK (B. Howell)
16x7.5 ET35 - 225/60-16 OK? (F. Smith)
16x7.5 ET35 - 225/50-16 (Front) 205/55-16 (Rear) OK (B. Howell)

16x8 ET34 - 225/45-16 OK may v. occ. Rub under HL/HC) (G. Lawton)
16x8 ET35 - 225/45-16 OK (J. Karasaki, G. Lawton)
16x8 ET35 - 225/50-16 Rubs under HL/HC (J. Hemmerlin)


17x8 ET33 - 215/45-17 OK (J.Goggin) Rolled rear fenders.
17x8 ET35 - 235/40-17 (Front) 215/45-17 (Rear) OK (B. Howell)


Don't go there without help.

>From this compilation there are some notables. 16x7.5 ET35 w/ 225/45-16, 16x8 
ET35 w/225/45-16, or for the slightly more budget minded 16x7 ET37 w/ 
205/55-16. Interesting combo is the Benn Howell suggestion of different sizes 
front and rear with the 16x7.5 ET35 wheel. HTH,

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.