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Re: 4kq Timing belt/clearance

> On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Phil Payne wrote:

> > Supposedly, the 2.22l non-turbo engines can be hand-turned without the belt on.  
> > I find this odd, because the 2.22l turbo engines can't - they interfere even
> > at 0 rpm.

> 	Aren't they about the same compression.  The non-turbo is 8.5:1.
> Isn't the MC about 8.2:1 or something?  That is wierd.  You'd thing they
> would be the saem.

Remember the cam discussion?  The turbo has a different cam, most likely
with greater lift.  Also, from the MC information that ScottMo provided,
the shape of the combustion chamber was changed.  This means it's
an apples and oranges comparison.