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Re: Coated Header on Coupe!

>But the biggest, most appealing thing I like about the coating, is after 5
>years, the "Silver" coated header looks like brand new!  That's including
over 50,000
>mile's in all sorts of weather, and living in Florida!

Since I'm the one who got this thread rolling (again!), let me point out
that the ONLY reason I am seriously considering having my EM coated by
Jet-Hot is cosmetics!  If there's a performance gain, that's nice but not
necessary ... personally, I just can't stand looking at rusty exhaust system
components and in the past have been known to clean and repaint everything
on an annual basis to keep it looking pretty.  My experience with Jet-Hot is
from a neighbor's street rod and the parts still look great after 3
years/35k miles.  That's good enough for me...

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