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re: others driving our cars

The In-Laws never drive my cars. My spouse is bad enough. We've
nicknamed the Jetta "The Black Hole", as it seems whatever goes into
that car never comes out until I remove it. It's a rolling garbage can. 
She is very much in love with M-B's, and as it is that we could now
easily afford a pre-owned one I've been eager to upgrade the paint-faded
VW. Problem is, my wife is a smoker and I am not, and I refuse to allow
her to destroy the inside of yet another car. Dog hair and McD's pepper
packs I can stand; cig burns and ashes everywhere I cannot. So either
she quits her deathly habit or she continues driving the Jetta.
She has chosen the Jetta.
Incidentally, she's never been permitted to drive the Fiat, which she
loves, but has been allowed to drive the Audi, which she refuses to. She
thinks it's "ugly"!?!?!
Hey, her first car was a Chevette. Progress takes time.
Dwight Varnes                              "Life is too short to drive a
70 Fiat 124 Spider (restored)			   minivan." 
86 Audi Coupe GT (waiting for more HP)			   	   	
89 VW Jetta GLI 16v (The wife's car)			   
67 Fiat Dino Coupe (trading for 65 Skylark convertible)
98 Ford Contour (company car, got to pick the color)

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