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N/A I5 Timing

Based on numerous posts I've seen on the list, I recently requested my
mechanic advance the timing on my '86 4kcsq from the stock 6 degrees to 12
degrees while he was doing a tuneup. His reply was somehting like "I don't
think you can change the timing on these cars, they use a Hall efffect
sensor and even if I physically move the distributor it won't make any

These guys come highly recommended and are quite knowledgeable on Deutches
autos in general, but they do specialize more on WMB's and sedecreM. 

My questions:
1. Can the timing in fact be changed on a naturally aspirated Audi 5 cylinder?

2. Assuming the timing can be changed, is it worth it? (with higher octane
gas of course)


Greg East
Loveland, Colorado USA