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Re: Tires causing torque-steer

Ralph wrote:

>Hi Guys:  I hope Rudy from Ohio is watching...  My car torque-steers with my
>new Hakka 1's.  I noticed this shortly after installing them.  The car went
>dead straight on the sumer tires (Yoko A-509s on 16" rims).  The Hakkas are
>on the 15" OEM rims and when I step on the gas, the car pulls to the left.
>Get off the gas and it settles out pretty straight.  My tire shop finally
>got a replacement tire in yesterday.  They put it on the left front and no
>improvement.  The shop said maybe it is a 'characteristic of these tires'.
>I can't believe that! I don't think it is an alignment problem since the car
>went straight on the other tires.  I'm thinking of rotating tires around to
>try to isolate.
>Any opinions?
>Ralph Poplawsky
>'91 200TQ (keeps coming back to the same place)

Do you feel like the new tires are spinning?  Sounds like good old torque
steer to me, made more noticable as the less grippy (on dry pavement) new
tires gain and lose grip.


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