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Re: Spazzed out dash CLICK'N

FWIW - I just fixed a similar situation on my Montero.  In this case it was
easier to track however since it was restricted to buzzing when the right
turn signal was on.  Yes it was a relay that was confused.  It was confused
though because the connection in the turn signal mechanism itself was not
making adequate contact.  This was further evidenced by the fact that
"jiggling" the turn stalk could make it come and go.I made a simple
modification (ok, I bent the contacts slightly) in the turn signal and its
better than new (now has a more positive feel to it!).

So I guess you need to continue to try to isolate the cause.  Once you do I
would suggest checking the operation of the switch and if its suspect then
clean it or fix it.

In general, but specially in Audis, switches are more prone to failure than
relays (IME - In My Experience)

Worked for me anyway.


>>Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 07:45:40
>>To: Thompson Smith <thompers@together.net>
>>From: Ralph Poplawsky <rlpplsky@ix.netcom.com>
>>Subject: Re: Spazzed out dash CLICK'N
>>Are you running your seat heaters??  Sometimes mine does that when they are
>on.  Sounds like a relay that is confused...
>>Ralph Poplawsky
>>At 09:25 AM 12/18/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>What's up with my 1990 20v dash clicking...?  Sounds like a spazzed-out
>>>turn indicator making love or nesting in the upper left corner. Just
>>>started about a week ago. No reasoning to it, just kinda comes and goes.

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