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Re: Brakes pedal feel, 87 5K vs 89 100

I think you are right about Audi "Americanizing" the feel.
I like the 87 just fine.  Neither of these two cars (87 5KS or 89 100) have
ABS, btw.  I bought the 87  when it was five years old from a Volvo dealer,
then went to the Audi dealer where it had been serviced to check the
history.  The previous owner was an older lady and the record shows she
repeatedly brought the car in complaining the steering wheel took too much
effort, and the car was returned to her each time with the note that
steering performance was within spec.  Finally she traded it in on a new
Volvo, and that's where I found it.  I believe the steering feel that I
like is the same thing that caused her to dump the car.
Dave C.

At 09:21 PM 12/17/97 -0500,Fred M.  wrote:
>    I noticed the same thing when I replaced my dearly departed 86 5kcstq
>with a 91 200tq. The 86 had a nice firm brake pedal but the 91 has a softer
>feel. I also noticed a difference in the steering effort. The 86 had a
>"harder" wheel than the 91 and seemed to give better feedback .
>    I suspect Audi may have "Americanized" the cars when they re-engineered
>them in 1989 to improve their acceptance on this side of the pond