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coating and 2 piece costs

If you read Eric's original post again, I think you will see that the $400 cost was for 2, 2 piece em's and 2 downpipes.  If it wasn't, then I got mine done for half price [Merry Christmas?].

Digging for the receipt here, but the 2 piece em was not $1000, either.  Runs in my mind it was a little over $700, mine included the downpipe [which costs very little].  When I find the exact cost I will repost.

Would I pay to have the em removed and re-installed, simply to do the coating?  No.  I don't think the gain would be cost effective.  In my situation though, the head was coming off for some massaging and the additional cost to coat the new manifold was not significant.  Btw, point made about not needing the 2 piece em might be right, but you will probably be shocked to see just how bad off your stock 1 piece is.  Mine was cracked in about a bajillion places.  

On wrapping the em.  I have never done it, so can't say how effective it is.  Have wrapped headers [non-SS] in the past and the life expectancy diminished, but I wasn't that concerned with it in those situations.  Here, if there is a nastier job than removing the em [what a stud system they employed], I would not volunteer for it.