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Re: Girlfriends, wives, etc.

All this talk of wives, girlfriends, etc. has me thinkin' (I know...a bad
thing ;-)...) My ex-wife was quite a car fan and became enamoured with
quattros. So much so that right after I bought my first 4kq she liked it more
than the 911S she got stuck with (poor baby). (It later was traded towards a
tqwagon.) The end result was my loosing said tqwagon in my divorce and
becoming "q-less" for a few months. (So be forewarned.)

My girlfriend of the past 4 years loves her ovlov "mommiewagon" which I have
no problem with really. When it eventualy croaks we will replace it with a
100q wagon once the used prices come down enough. (Need that 3 seat feature so
a 5ktqwagon won't work...sigh.) When I bought the 5ktq I have now I was faced
with huge tears because I "could have bought a diamond" with that $ instead.
At first she hated the car (jealousy played a part) but has since warmed up to
it and now loves it. She doesn't know it yet, but she will receive said
diamond for xmas...so yes, once again I take the plunge. This time hopefully
will be the last time ;-)

Happy Holidays to all on the list!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq