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Re: Edmund's Review of A6

Thus Spake Bob Edmison <808list@mail.music.vt.edu>:
>For what it's worth, check the Edmund's Review of the 1998 A6 at:
>Not what you would call "glowing".

Well, at least they didn't whine about cupholders.

At the bottom of the review, they said:
"For this car to seriously challenge BMWs 5-series in the United States,
three things must happen: a manual transmission must be made available to
the enthusiast driver, the price of the base car must fall, and a V-8 model
must be offered in showrooms. Only then will Audi have a chance at beating
the masters in Munich."

This echoes what several of us have been saying here -- Audi of America,
listen up:  if you want to compete with BMW, get off your fat posteriors
and bring the new S6 (and S4) to the States.

Thanks for letting me vent.

1990 Coupe Q

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