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Upgraded brakes in a 83 Ur-Quattro

In message <349943EE.53AFF88D@deltanet.com> "Paul E. Rivera" writes:

> As a complete neophyte to the inner workings of a Ur-Q, I have been told
> how expensive the Hydraulic system is to maintain.
> OK, what makes this system so special?

Audi spares pricing policy.  Almost everthing can be got from the original
manufacturers (ATE, Lemforder, Bosch).

> Can it be upgraded to new brakes, bomb, pump, etc?

Yes, but it's even more expensive.

> In what year were changes made to the brake system to harmonize with
> other models (200's, V8's, 90 Series Coupes, etc) ?

1988 - the TORSEN model with the MB engine.  The ur-quattro in this form
was never imported to the USA, but the spares fiche identifies all the
components you would need.  The later system is more complex, though -
instead of a single pump it has a double (tandem) pump feeding brakes and
steering separately from a common return.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club