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Re: low boost in '87 5Ktq (again, sorry)

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997 09:21:23 -0500 (EST), Graydon wrote:

>On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Sonar465 wrote:
>> this tread was going around a few weeks ago my 5Ktq was pulling 1.8bar
all the
>> time.  Well this week my trusty 5kTQ is having a hard time pulling 1.6bar.
>> The car is just about to turn 115,000 miles with a IA stage II computer on it
>> for the last 45,000 miles.  I checked the top IC hose last night and did not
>> feel any holes but I did not take the hose off the car, but last time the
>> went I could easily feel the hole.  Could the CAT be getting clogged, is the
>> lowwer hose prone to leaking what else could it be.  Thanks for the info.
>I've heard of the lower hose failing, but not nearly as often as the top 
>hose.   Since you still have 1.6bar, the leak is very small, so I would 
>suggest you check that top hose a little more carefully.   Its best to 
>remove it.   Doesn't take very long either.

This relatively small drop in boost pressure also suggests an exhaust
side leak. 45 k miles of IA enhanced driving could have cracked the
EM or some of the studs by now. The stock 5kt EM isn't up to this.
Or maybe the WG isn't seating fully any more.

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