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CQ Cone Air Filter Upgrade

     Just got a call from TAP- the Scorpion exhaust that has been on back 
     order for my 91 CQ since Aug. is finally in.  Next on my upgrade 
     roadmap is I think a cone filter conversion.  But I have a big 
     question regarding emissions control.  How is the EGR handled, and 
     will that pose a problem with the Smog Inspection here in California?  
     Here, the inspection includes both a tailpipe emissions test and a 
     visual for "tampering with emissions control systems".  Anybody with 
     first-hand experience to share?  
     Also, I would appreciate any "how to" tips for the installation.  I 
     live down the street from Brasil Motors (Rui Brasils brother) so have 
     access to an excellent Audi shop.  They are going to install the 
     exhaust for me and are kindof excited that I have a coupe for them to 
     play with.  But I need/want to understand the project before I cut 
     them loose.  I know that several list members have done this 
     conversion, so would like to absorb some of the collective experience 
     if possible.
     Matt Rooke
     '91 CQ 113k.  Scorpion (soon), K/N cone (probably), TAP chip (maybe), 
     shocks/springs, brakes, wheels/tires (research phase), euro headlights 
     (procurement phase), and a new job to pay for all this (next month)