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Re:Bikes vs. Cars (Was: Re:"But the road's wet")

Matt Rooke wrote:

> The explanation given [by Car & Driver] was that a well-designed and
> built 4-wheel auto  is controllable up to and slightly beyond the limit of
>adhesion.  Whereas  the consequence of pushing a bike past this limit is
> disastrous (non-controllable).

The consequences of pushing anything beyond the limit of adhesion are
pretty much disastrous for most people without specific training, be it car,
bike, rollerblade, or Big Wheel.   Bikes are definitely more challenging than
most cars in this respect, but there _are_ some people who can manage
them -- ever see Miguel DuHamel or Freddie Spencer?  I once read an
interview with Fast Freddie where he described one aspect of his
cornering technique...it involved breaking the back end loose with the
throttle and then modulating the _wheelspin_ through the corner to control
the drift _with the rear brake_.  This on a works Honda traveling over
100mph.  Pretty much an individual who was born without a fear
response and with sublime coordination. 

Here's a question for the rally cognoscenti:  are cars or bikes quicker
over most rally courses? 

Best Wishes,